Entrusted Planning™ uses the power of Rivets™ Core Values Card Game to get your values out of your head and into your hands. 

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Within two hours, discover your values and strengthen your own inner culture.

Utilize this newfound clarity in your estate planning, charitable giving, impact investing, and your relationships – with yourself and others.

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Take four hours together to hear your family in a fresh way. Clarify your family culture, discover your quadrant motivators, and learn your family’s values blend.

Directly transfer what you learn in this session to your estate planning, investing, business succession planning, and preparing heirs.

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Within a few hours and a follow-up session, define and refine your business culture.

Learn your team quadrant dynamics and how your values blend shows up in your daily operations.

Grow your team culture while you unearth your company’s true story.

Are you ready?

• To discover the Top 5 motivators that drive your planning?

• To learn the single language that unites your family or business?

• To implement a process that prepares your heirs and unifies your team?

• To build on what’s already working?

• To live into your purpose?

Your core values are our starting point, end point and every point in between.


We start with what matters most - your ‘why.’

The traditional model isn’t built to factor in your unique story, family dynamics, team culture, or goals.

Build from a core values lens to bring clarity and alignment.

Let us show you our value by helping you find yours.

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We base our work on seven core disciplines that successful high-net-worth families have used for hundreds of years.


These are not hypothetical or idealistic disciplines – they are real and have stood the test of time.

Though details change with each generation, these principles are proven.

We understand that Entrusted™ clients have goals that are both deep and broad.

We clarify what is to prepare you for what’s next.


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We use the power of the Rivets™ core values card game to get your values out of your head and into your hands.


We believe that deep conversations and having fun can happen simultaneously.

In fact, we know they can. We see this happen in each core values session we facilitate.

Our purpose is to listen to you. Actively.

We help you unearth your purpose in a way that is intuitive and immediate.

You are Entrusted with a purpose. We are Entrusted to help you align that purpose with your planning.


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We see the transformative results of our Core Values Sessions every day. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say:

I understand my dad in a new way. I had no idea of the context for a lot of his planning decisions. I feel closer to him than I have in years – maybe ever.
Our family has been at a standstill with our business. We didn’t know what to do. Because of our session, we have a newfound understanding of each other. We’re communicating better already.
We love what Entrusted Planning is doing. You helped us put words to things that we sensed but didn’t know how to say – and it’s FUN!
This session clarified so much. We are excited for the direction our family is headed.
What I’ve learned here directly transfers to my business. I’m having you guys back to take my team through this to develop a sense of ownership. This is the best approach I’ve found.
Being in a blended family can be hard. Thank you for helping us see that although we still face some challenges, we can also experience unity based on our shared core values.
When my husband and I were heading to our follow-up session with you today, our three kids begged, ‘Please, let us go with you! Core values are fun!’ Thank you for helping us to be intentional with our kids. They are more prepared for the wealth transfer specifics we’ll share with them when they’re older.
I want my sales staff to know what we’re all about and to work through it in their own way. It’s really hard to communicate to them without sounding pushy. Thanks for being willing to help me with this.
Thanks for making something that could be intimidating such an enjoyable experience. We covered some deep issues and everyone felt heard.

Core values are the keys to aligned planning and a transformed legacy.


Yours are waiting to be discovered.

Ready to play?